Monday, November 2, 2009

wednesday night drawing - last week

Here's my belated update of our weekly drawing class, I didn't feel on top form that night but looking at these now with a fresher eye, and it's ok ;)

Gotta take the lumps with the sweet stuff.

I like the result of the old paper texture, I had my doubts about the white I was using but hey, happy surprise!

And! This week will proove very interesting, I've been invited to a 'doodle-off' to be held the evening of 1000 nights of drawing as part of the festivities. The idea is quite simple, each doodler is paired off against another doodler and the winners will then move on to quarter-finals, then semi-finals and so on...
There's a little more to it than that but it's need-to-know, and I have no idea either... O_o

Wish me luck, my first opponent: "Mystery-Doodler", what were the odds I'd draw that out of the hat?!

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