Monday, February 25, 2013

Olympic heroes

The big story at the moment is the one involving our very own Oscar Pistorius, aka the "blade runner", olympic sweetheart and national hero...

While he is mired in controversy and his innocence is up for debate, I'm not here to flaunt my opinion, instead I'd like to remind all of us that we have many other heroes worthy of our attentions.


These were commissioned by Nasou Via Afrika and feature Semanya Caster and Cameron van der Burgh, some of last year's medal takers at the London Olympics.

Due to time constraints, I've had to work more and more digitally. These didn't even have rough drafts, the briefs were very clear and I was able to go straight to the final piece, sometimes the results surprised even me... it's nice when that happens :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

wearing Blake's shoes

Here are a couple more illustrations for Cambridge University Press based on Quentin Blake's style.

I call the top one "iClean" :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

wearing Blake's hat

As an illustration gun-for-hire, or more accurately: pencil-box-for-hire, I am at times asked to emulate iconic styles. There are few illustrators as iconic as the legendary Quentin Blake, who famously drew Roald Dahl's classic masterpieces, too numerous to single out here.

His site is full of wonderful things, I highly recomend having a look at it,  my favourite being this gem - the master at work. I also found this lovely blog article about him and his landscapes.

I was commissioned by Cambridge University Press to adopt Mr Blake's style because they had used an extract of "Danny, champion of the world" in their Grade 7, English language schoolbooks.
I enjoyed the style so much that I used it throughout the Grd7 material I was assigned!

This last panel comes from Danny, I drew on Roald Dahl's own gipsy caravan for inspiration...
Imagine owning your very own gipsy caravan!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Like every other human, I like food. It makes me happy when I'm sad and full when I'm hungry.

I recently illustrated a series of plates for House&Leisure magazine, the "Food Issue" which you'll find on magazine racks across SA.

You can download the full large format versions from their site.

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Thanks for visiting!