Tuesday, February 19, 2013

wearing Blake's hat

As an illustration gun-for-hire, or more accurately: pencil-box-for-hire, I am at times asked to emulate iconic styles. There are few illustrators as iconic as the legendary Quentin Blake, who famously drew Roald Dahl's classic masterpieces, too numerous to single out here.

His site is full of wonderful things, I highly recomend having a look at it,  my favourite being this gem - the master at work. I also found this lovely blog article about him and his landscapes.

I was commissioned by Cambridge University Press to adopt Mr Blake's style because they had used an extract of "Danny, champion of the world" in their Grade 7, English language schoolbooks.
I enjoyed the style so much that I used it throughout the Grd7 material I was assigned!

This last panel comes from Danny, I drew on Roald Dahl's own gipsy caravan for inspiration...
Imagine owning your very own gipsy caravan!

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