Saturday, November 7, 2009

1000 Nights of Drawing 09

Last week Thusday was one of the last drawing sessions for submissions, I took with me some old washes I'd done years before intent one recycling them into more fun and interesting images, basically trying to make a story from one picture...

Stupidly, I forgot to take pictures of them for the blog, luckily Ed had, so 'thanks Ed, you rock, dude!'
The event itself was great, a very good turn out, many people, lots of familliar faces and a good vibe all round. I was able to track down most of my stuff, and this year we actually bought some awesome pics of our own :)
One of them though, didn't have an e-mail address... who drew this? Will the real Karl Curson please stand up, I wanna say, thanks!
And finally, the 'Doodle-Off'. Being one of those people that doesn't deal with crowds particularly well, I'd planned to be somewhat 'lubricated' enough that I wouldn't mind so much...
This plan was dependant on the Doodle-Off starting at six (the whole thing was kept VERY hush-hush) so by the time we did start, at 10, I was about 2 hours past my expiry date... o_O

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