Wednesday, November 4, 2009

wednesday night drawing - last night

This week we started with a bunch of quick gestural drawings and moved into longer poses, the last was about an hour.

Our model was great, like a statue she was. We were supposed to work on our compositions this time... I dunno about mine, I forgot all about it around about the time I whipped out the water and having messy fun.. :)

I really like that old paper though, it takes the ink very well and adds such great texture. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone by using a ripped up book and drawn all over it, it was already partially ripped up when I found it so it's a mercy-killing, really. But the paper! The wonderful paper could be saved - I have a weird paper fetish that makes me, arguably, the biggest fire hazard on my block, city even!
ps... if you're in CT don't forget to come to 1000 nights of Drawing, starts at 6...

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