Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Avos and the Waratah!

Part of the reason I've been so scarce (since the beginning of the year about) has been because of this book: "The Mystery of the SS Waratah and the avocado tree"
It's been recently released so I can now talk about it ;)
Written by M J Honikman and published by Tafelberg, I'm not gonna get into too many details but the story's based around the disappearance of a steamship around the coast of South Africa 101 years ago... and an avocado tree!
It can safely be said... I can now draw avos... day or night...
I reverted to a simple line style keeping the characters mostly flat against more detail intensive backgrounds and environments. Unexpectedly, I was also asked to set the book, this turned out to be great from a flexibility point of view and it's always nice to see something from start to finish design-wise.
There are also 'flashbacks' which are done in the ink-wash technique I so enjoy, I'm glad I got to use it :)

If you want to find out more about the Waratah, here's the ISBN: 978-0-624-04817-6

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