Thursday, October 15, 2009

the Cape Doctor

So, like everyone else (in my mind) I have a special fondness of comics, those wonderfully elastic compositions of words and pictures have made me happy for so long now...
Needless to say that I've fiddled a bit and plan to fiddle more with this curious medium!

In 2005 I entered a competition run by the international comic festival of Angouleme entiled: 'Vues d'Afrique' and the theme: "my city today, my city tomorrow"...or something like that. Along with 10 other finalists from all over Africa, I was flown to Angouleme (in France - and we landed in Paris and took a train to Angouleme) A tiny city further South that becomes a hive of comic fans once a year.
The experience is a whole other story, for another time, for now here's what got me there...
The story was inspired by a local legend of the Cape and kind of mished together with this other story, more of a local saying actually...

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